Hayai India Management Team

The pillars of Hayai Broadband:

  Name, Position & Brief Shareholdings
Mathew Carley

Mathew Carley - Founding Director & Chief Operating Officer

Mathew has been an entrepreneur his whole working life. After graduating from Waikato Business School in 2002 with a major in Computer Science and NZQA accreditation, he went on to acquire several industry diplomas and certifications from CompTIA and Cisco, and continues to educate himself, having recently added certifications from BlueRibbon, Fujitsu, NCR and others.

His business acumen comes from having established companies in 4 countries and working on projects in over 11 countries on 5 continents, and his enthusiasm for making the Internet and it's supporting infrastructure better is unparalleled.

He speaks, reads and writes "about half-a-dozen" languages and knows computing inside and out: as recognized by the University of New South Wales when they awarded him a gold medal in the Australian Schools Computer Science Competition which was held across New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Ripunjay Bararia

Ripunjay Bararia - Director & Chief Technology Officer

Ripunjay brings to Hayai Broadband 17 years of experience in the IT industry with 12 of those years being in the ISP industry, making him an ideal CTO for the company.

Ripunjay has been a strong supporter of Hayai since the start, and his contacts within the industry have allowed Hayai to negotiate its entry in to the market with considerably more ease than would have been otherwise possible.

Satish Changrani

Satish Changrani - Director & Head of Human Resources

Satish graduated Mumbai University in 2006 with a Masters Degree in Commerce and brings with him 5 years of experience in advertising. He specializes in designing brands, creating promotions and handling PR activities. 

His local knowledge has been tantamount toward creating an effective roll-out strategy and he has taken responsibility for the sales and marketing executives.

Savio D'Souza

Savio D'Souza - Director & Chief Financial Officer

Savio holds a Bachelors Degree of Commerce from the University of Mumbai as well as a Diploma in Business Management from Xavier's Institute of Management.

He brings with him 14 years of Experience in India's Finance and Banking Industry as well as Foreign Exchange and International Banking.

Rahul Zaware

Rahul Zaware - Director & Chief Executive Officer

Rahul graduated from the Indian Law School (Pune) with a Bachelor of Social Law in 1999, and went on to found Zaware Creative Enterprises, where he is the reigning CEO.

He is a director on Hayai's board and as CEO he primarily advises Mr Carley in a non-operational capacity.


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