Hayai Wholesale

Whether you need bulk bandwidth, peering, co-location or last-mile access, Hayai can provide you with everything your business needs to get (and stay) ahead.

Hayai provides Broadband and related services in India, which are delivered through a combination of purpose-built "Fiber to the Premises" networks, franchisee operator networks and WiFi hotspots (Hayai is actively seeking out parties interested in franchisee opportunities, peering and resource sharing through partnerships or joint ventures).

The idea for India's fastest ISP came about in early 2009 and since it's inception, Hayai's founder & management team have been interacting with the community and engaging our subscribers, then pick what we like best (and what we think will work well) and deliver exactly what customers are looking for in an ISP.

While Hayai's primary goal has been all about speed, it soon became obvious that we were able to do so much more, and customers have been switching to Hayai not just for the speeds, but for better value for money, customer service and a superior Internet experience overall.

Hayai has aggressive expansion plans for introducing the service to as much of India as possible - not just in the major centres, but in tier 2 and 3 cities, towns, villages and panchyats as well.