Invest in Hayai

Hayai Broadband is currently seeking investment for projects in India, including increasing availability of services in existing coverage areas as well as expansion to new areas and entry in to new markets.

Prospective Investors

Please contact us with your full name, company name, references/portfolio (if possible), a brief introduction and a proposition (including details such as how much you intend to invest, expected return, term of investment and any conditions). If you represent a consortium or group, please note all of the members.

After a brief evaluation and qualification, we will come back to you with a prospectus and presentation and further details about how we'd like to get you involved.

Note to Prospective Investors from outside India

Hayai Limited is a New Zealand company designed to allow foreign investment in Hayai India. New Zealand allows us to offer a business-friendly environment in a stable country which helps us insulate non-Indian investors from the potential pitfalls of investing directly in India.

Please ensure you obtain suitable legal advice when investing in any company or project.