Franchisee Program

Hayai is interested in offering non-exclusive franchises in all service areas nationwide to multi-service operators who have last-mile access networks. If you are looking to get in to the business but don't yet have existing infrastructure, check out our Joint Venture programme.

Hayai has strict conditions for granting franchises, but does work with franchisees to ensure any service under the Hayai brand is high speed and of the highest quality. The reason for this is that Hayai customers are paying premium prices for our service, and are reasonable to expect services superior to those of our competitors.

To qualify:

  • Hayai's team will confirm that your network is designed and built suitably so as to meet our technical specifications (minimum 100mbit/s to any subscriber, minimum 1gbit/s to any building, structured cabling practices etc). 
  • You will be required to allow us to inspect and test your network at any point in the network (may be chosen randomly) prior to any agreements being signed and going live for speed/throughput testing as well as network stability (typical testing period is 3 months and may use a device to automate testing at random times and/or [a] live subscriber[s]). Where upgrades are required, Hayai will specify what, where, why & how and work with you to bring your network up to speed.
  • Surveys and analysis of your network's reputation (network stability, customer service etc) may also be conducted with randomly selected people in the area, and may affect whether Hayai agrees to grant a franchise.

Franchisee obligations:

  • Network Access: Hayai staff member(s) to be given free access to install, maintain and upgrade components within the franchisee's network on a 24x7 basis. This may include issuance of instruments for accessing equipment including but not limited to keys, security codes, key-cards, RFID tags or other identification mechanisms.
  • Office/PoP/NOC Access: Hayai may provide staff member(s) to be permanently stationed at the PoP who are exclusively responsible for dealing with installing and maintaining connections of Hayai customers.
  • Service Level Agreement: Franchisee must offer the ability to respond to urgent service tickets within 4 hours of a ticket submission on a 24x7 basis (where necessary).
  • Services: Franchisees may only offer the services as per plans and tariffs advertised by Hayai (eg, franchisees are not permitted to resell custom packages at different speeds or prices than are advertised at, nor to dilute any Hayai service in any form. All tariffs and plans are uniform through Hayai's service areas).
  • Quality: Quality is of utmost importance to Hayai Broadband and it's subscribers, and penalties shall be imposed if a franchisee fails to meet the obligations set out above and detailed in the franchise agreement. All Hayai installations must be performed using structured cabling methods and should be run through conduit or cable guides where it is practical to do so. Hayai reserves the right to send out it's own personnel for the purpose of quality assurance and customer surveys at random and without informing the franchisee.
  • Payments: Franchisee agrees to pay any dues to Hayai for any services rendered. Unless by prior arrangement, all subscriber payments must be processed centrally by Hayai or a Hayai issued payment device (including mobile payment terminals or apps).
  • Sales: Franchisee may advertise Hayai services as being available in their area, however, subscribers may only be added via the centralized portal using the username & password and/or code assigned to the franchisee. Invoices generated as a result of the franchisees direct sales will be attributed to the franchisee, and the amount (minus the installation fee & rates according to the franchise agreement) will be subtracted from any dues owed by Hayai to the franchisee unless the subscriber chooses payment by card, in which case the amount (according to the franchise agreement) will be credited to the franchisee on the following payment date.

Hayai's Obligations:

  • Bandwidth & Connectivity: Hayai must ensure sufficient bandwidth, with diverse, stable, uncontended connectivity between Hayai's NOC(s) and the franchisee so that customers served by the franchisee do not experience slow speeds or interruptions of service due to fibre cuts, planned/unplanned outages or intra-network congestion.
  • Resource Delegation: Hayai must delegate necessary resources to allow provider to provide adequate services, both physical and virtual, such as IP addresses, equipment, training, usernames and passwords or people.
  • Equipment Replacement: Any network equipment that is owned by Hayai and needs replacing (whether at the PoP or in the field) in order to ensure quality services to Hayai customers is the responsibility of Hayai and shall be replaced at Hayai's expense.
  • Billing & Payments: Hayai must perform all billing tasks, including KYC verifications and maintenance of information. Hayai must pay franchisees their fair-share of revenue at regular intervals and on-time, as outlined in the franchisee agreement.
  • Customer Service: Hayai must perform all customer service tasks, including support by telephone, live-chat, email etc for all subscribers, and delegate support tasks to the franchisee (if necessary) or local Hayai staff for resolution in a timely fashion.
  • Penalties for service downtime are waived if it is determined to be caused by issues outside the franchisee service area, or are within the realm of Hayai's control, or are determined to NOT be caused by franchisee infrastructure.

Initial costs may include:

  • Payment toward basic fees for accounting & legal services and incidentals
  • 50% toward the up-front cost of connectivity to your PoP/NOC (Hayai will connect to your PoP/NOC using dark fibre or wavelength services where available, so as to allow for quick deployments of network improvements and upgrades and avoid intra-network congestion)
  • Security deposit (amount according to # of customers).
  • Hardware required for authentication & accounting
  • Initial marketing materials and support/training
  • The final overall amount will be determined by the coverage area, taking in to account demographics, existing subscribers, bandwidth demands, PoP/NOC location, overall distance for fiber lease (including term & number of pairs) and other components not specifically listed.

Recurring costs may include:

  • Franchise fees - these cover all aspects of the service such as advertising, branding, connectivity, licensing, marketing materials, operational & support costs, quality control and training (total amount is subject to territory size & subscriber count/revenue and is set according to a percentage of the subscriber plan, typically 2% for residential with incrementally increasing amounts for business tiers and leased lines/private circuits/MPLS/etc up to 5%).
  • Fee waiver: Franchise fees and/or equipment costs may be waived if the franchisee has a good track record, exceeds growth targets or converts to a Joint Venture partner. Fees are no longer charged directly for franchisees with over 500 active subscribers and are instead reflected in the revenue sharing models.
  • Any network equipment that is not owned by Hayai which needs replacing in order to ensure continued, uninterrupted, high-quality services to Hayai customers shall be replaced at the Franchisee's expense (may be deducted from fees owing to the provider in any given month - franchisee will be given the receipt for the cost of the equipment and warranty purposes).

Hayai understands that the demographics in different service areas may affect earning potential, so we offer a variety of revenue options so that franchisees can choose what works best for them. Revenue options include: 

  • Flat-fee: Negotiable fixed rate per subscriber (for example Rs400 * 100 active subscribers = Rs40,000 total; 150 active subscribers = Rs60,000 total etc).
  • Combined: Commission per subscriber based on the infrastructure fee (Rs249 for 100mbit/s or Rs499 for 1gbit/s) and a percentage of plan revenue of each subscriber. (for example, if you have 100 subscribers on [email protected]/s plans (cumulative total GBs = 10,000) if we assume an example commission rate of 20%, you would receive Rs24,900 + Rs20,000 = Rs44,900 (100 active subscribers with a cumulative total of 15,000GB sold would be Rs 24,900 + Rs30,000 = Rs54,900, 150 active subscribers with a cumulative total of 15,000GB sold would be Rs37,350 + Rs30,000 = Rs67,350 and so on - actual amounts will vary as different subscribers will be on different plans!)
  • Average Revenue per User: Fixed percentage based on ARPU (for example, if we pay 33%, 100 active subscribers with an ARPU of Rs1,199 = Rs39,567; 100 active subscribers with an ARPU of Rs1,499 = 49,467; 150 active subscribers with an ARPU of Rs1,234 = Rs61,083 etc).
  • Total Revenue: Fixed percentage of total revenue collected (for example, if total revenue collected is Rs1,19,900 and we pay 33%, you would receive Rs39,567, if total revenue collected is Rs1,50,000, you would receive Rs49,500, if total revenue collected is Rs2,00,000, you would receive Rs66,000 etc)
  • All franchisees are entitled to an initial fee for each new contract to cover the cost of installation (as billed by Hayai, to be collected directly from the subscriber). This is set at Rs550 unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • All figures above are shown for example purposes only and will vary according to actual subscriber count, revenue, agreed percentages and other factors including but not limited to penalties imposed on the franchisee for unplanned downtime and where the franchisee is determined to be at fault.

All commissions calculated & paid monthly (except initial fees, which should be collected directly from the subscriber at the time of install). No additional fees are allowed to be charged over and above what is advertised on Hayai's website at the time of the sale. Prices are uniform across all service areas and subscribers shall pay no monies over and above the price advertised by Hayai, for any reason, whatsoever. 

Sales & Installation process for new subscribers:

  1. Customer comes to us requesting a connection (if customers come to you, they should be directed to our online ordering system to place an order for their desired service and plan, however, the subscription process can be performed by your sales staff if desired).
  2. If the address/building is not already pre-qualified for service, we send subscriber information to you to confirm feasibility at the address.
  3. When feasibility is confirmed, we add the account to our provisioning queue and await confirmation of an installation date.
  4. Subscriber agrees to an installation date & timeframe and is scheduled accordingly.
  5. The day prior to the agreed installation date, first face-to-face customer contact is made by local engineers (whether employed by Hayai or by the franchisee). Copies of KYC documents are taken digitally and uploaded to Hayai for processing. Overnight, account is set up in the billing system & necessary details (such as username and password) are issued.
  6. Installation of the connection is performed within a 2-hour window of the agreed appointment time and connection is set up. Local engineer confirms the the promised speeds are being delivered with our NOC engineers.
  7. Once connection is confirmed to be functioning as promised, engineer will be released from site and is then authorized to take the initial installation fee. 

If you are agreeable to these basic terms, we can discuss further and provide you with more details as to what is needed from you as well as our requirements. Alternatively, you may be interested in our Joint Venture programme.

Getting Started:

  • First, contact us to tell us more about your company and coverage area
  • Reply to the automated email with your business & marketing plan attached
  • Our wholesale team will contact you to discuss further eligibility criteria