Fair Usage Policy

[Some of the information on this page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies - please refer to the information pertaining to your specific service by clicking on the "specifications" link below the pricing]

Fair usage works both ways - we advertise our plans are flat-rate (as in pricing), not unlimited (as in usage) - we consider this to be a subtle, but significant difference. 

We provide you with a flat-rate price and high speeds in exchange for reasonable use of the network. Use the network in a responsible manner, don't hog or waste bandwidth.

Users who intentionally, maliciously and consistently abuse the network will be dealt with on an individual basis - if you're identified, we'll try and work with you to remedy the situation, first by asking you to adjust your usage to more reasonable levels, and secondly by recommending an alternative plan.


If it's felt that any Hayai subscriber's Internet activities are so excessive that other subscribers are detrimentally affected, Hayai may give the subscriber generating the excessive web traffic a written warning (by email or otherwise). In extreme circumstances, should the levels of activity not decrease after the warning, Hayai may suspend or limit that subscriber's services and/or shift the subscriber to an alternative plan.


If any subscriber's use of these services constitute a breach of this Policy, Hayai may, at its option and discretion, either give the subscriber notice to stop the unacceptable use(s) or suspend/limit that subscriber's services (with or without further notice as Hayai considers appropriate). In cases where continual abuse is identified and attempts to resolve the situation amicably are not reached (that is, "if all else fails"), Hayai may terminate that subscribers services (with or without further notice as Hayai considers appropriate).

For more information about the calculations we use to determine excessive usage, please visit our FAQ section on Fair Usage Policy.