Co-Location & Data Centre Services

Our Internet Data Centers combine around-the-clock systems management with onsite personnel trained in the areas of networking, Internet, and systems management.

The result is a physical and technical environment with the reliability and flexibility you need to outsource your mission-critical system or application operation needs.


By default, each server is connected directly to switches carrying traffic to our core routers. Speeds will not be rate-limited within Hayai's network (burst-rate 1Gbit/s) and we can offer bandwidth using a Committed + Burst or simply offer blocks of data with no speed limit: the choice is yours.

For sites targeting a domestic audience, we suggest opting for peering plus bandwidth as this will maximize the speeds and minimize the length of the path your traffic will have to traverse in order to reach the end user, which helps ensure that everybody using your site remains happy, uses it more and for e-commerce sites is demonstrated to help convert those just viewing in to paying customers.

For sites targeting an International audience, dedicated bandwidth is available in a variety of options from 100mbit/s to n*100G, with 95th percentile billing available. We can also help you deliver your content by storing copies closer to the user - this is known as a "content delivery network". Call or write to us to talk about your options.